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Asphalt Reclamation

Asphalt Reclamation, also known as Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), is a cost effective method of pavement rehabilitation. During FDR the full thickness of the asphalt surface and a portion of the underlying base are uniformly graded and pulverized to serve as the base for a new road. Additives such as cement or asphalt emulsion are often incorporated to increase strength. The result is a homogenous layer with improved structural capacity.  

The Roadtec SX-8 is engineered for heavy duty Full Depth Reclamation.  Four steering options and the machine’s balanced weight were designed for the most rigorous asphalt reclamation jobs.

The Roadtec SX-5 is designed for soil stabilization as well as reclamation of shallow asphalt layers. Four-wheel drive and intuitive controls make the SX-5 the choice for stabilization.

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