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Asphalt Paving Equipment by Roadtec

Roadtec is an international paving equipment manufacturer. We’ve been manufacturing paving equipment since 1981 and are proud to say ours is the most reliable in the industry. We manufacture Screeds, Pavers, MTVs, Cold Planers, Reclaimers, CIRs and Brooms. They are simply designed and well balanced for maximum tractive effort. View our full product line below.

Roadtec Quality And Service Behind Each Product

Roadtec has become a highly successful company through unparalleled customer service and by producing innovative, industry leading products.

At Roadtec we are passionate about providing groundbreaking customer support. We have intentionally created an environment where engineering, manufacturing and service departments are in the same building. This gives us the unique ability to transition information easily from our team to our clients. Phone service support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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