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Roadtec Offers Several Screed Options for Both 8 ft and 10 ft Pavers

Each Roadtec asphalt screed is equipped with the latest technology and upgraded features to ensure superior performance. From the top-of-the-line Eagle Screed, with its heated, vibratory rear extensions, to the fixed-width, bolt-on, extendable S-Series machines, our models improve both paving quality and efficiency. View our available machines below to find the right paver screed for your next project.

The asphalt screed is a device created in the 1930s that revolutionized the asphalt pavement process. It's a tool designed to flatten the material, set it to a certain width, and provide the initial smoothness. Rollers then come behind the asphalt paver and screed to finish flattening the material, reducing the air voids.