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Roadtec MTVs provide continuous paving and reduce the number of haul trucks needed.

Material Transfer Vehicles (MTVs) offer several unique advantages to the process of constructing asphalt pavements, including addressing issues associated with trucking, material segregation, and thermal segregation. Roadtec MTVs are designed to lower operating costs by allowing for continuous paving and reducing the number of haul trucks needed.

MTVs are used to assist the paver in accepting Hot Mixed Asphalt (HMA). Pavers are normally equipped to receive HMA in two styles of dump trucks: live bottom or end dump trucks. Our MTVs are equipped to handle the additional surge volume from both types of trucks. This is advantageous because it allows the paver to operate continuously without stopping. With continuous paving, you can minimize truck waiting times, decrease temperature differentials, and reduce aggregate segregation. 

Roadtec offers three different models of Material Transfer Vehicles to address the needs of any Hot or Warm Mix Asphalt project. Our three models can handle everything from 10 to 25 tons of asphalt mix capacity.