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Soil Stabilization Overview

What is Soil Stabilization?  
Soil Stabilization is the process of preparing a surface for new road construction.

Why is Soil Stabilization Necessary?  
Soil Stabilization is essential when subgrade soils lack sufficient strength to support new pavements and foundations. The existing material is milled and chemical or bituminous additives may be integrated to increase bearing capacity and improve properties. The enhanced material is then graded and compacted to provide a superior quality base for a new road or foundation. 

Soil Stabilization improves and upgrades the bearing capacity of the existing surface so that it can be a stable base for a new road surface. The base is the foundation for a success asphalt surface that can withstand the stressors that continually impact asphalt surfaces, such as roads, interstates, airports, racetracks, and more. 

Where Does Soil Stabilization Occur
When the current soil is not appropriate for a new surface, it needs to be modified to become strong enough to support a roadway or foundation.  

Soil Stabilizers are used anywhere new construction or new roads are being built. Common applications include roads, business parks, racetracks, and airports. 

What is the Soil Stabilization Process? How Does it Work? 
During Soil Stabilization the existing surface is pulverized by a Soil Stabilizer, such as the Roadtec SX-5. Then chemical or bituminous additives are integrated to increase bearing capacity and improve properties. Such additives include lime, fly ash, soil cement or portland cement. The enhanced material is then graded and compacted to provide a superior quality base that can withstand the necessary loads.  

What are the Benefits of Social Stabilization? 
Soil stabilization is efficient in terms of time, money, and natural resources.  Rather than preparing a base with new soil trucked in from another location, the existing material is recycled. The only new materials are the binding agents, which are added to the existing material being recycled. 

Social Stabilization’s benefits include:  

  • Lower labor costs 
  • Reduced raw materials  
  • Fewer trucks  
  • Less fuel  

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