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first in service second to none

We are further committed to provide unequaled service and parts support to our customers. By dealing direct with us, the manufacturer, your needs are handled with one call.

Our service men are all highly trained, experienced employees of Roadtec, not just field service representatives. They are committed solely to the Roadtec product line and will share their working knowledge to help you get the most out of your investment. Whether it's a new equipment start-up or a field repair, we will be on the job until it is finished.

Our parts department is staffed with experienced technicians who can quickly fulfill your needs from our factory inventory. Any part required by a customer will be shipped even if it's designated for machine build. By dealing directly with the manufacturer for your parts needs, you eliminate the middle man, significantly reducing costs and wasted time. We give you the most reasonable parts pricing in the industry with no minimum order requirements. Emergency services handled "after hours" are by real people, -not answering machines- and there are no expedite charges for these emergencies. Our parts and service department is open 24 hours a day. One call gives you accessibility to all departments in the Roadtec organization.

Our commitment is clear. We give our customers the highest level of quality, both in the equipment we produce and the service and parts support we provide. The reputation of our company depends on the customer's satisfaction.